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Thank you for visiting Three Jacks Dog Bakery!  I'm Jean Phillips the owner and baker.  Beanie, Maddie and Petey are my three Jack Russell Terriers, (hence the company name).  The Jacks are my employees, or maybe it's the other way around!  Their job is to taste test biscuits from every batch to ensure the quality!  They eagerly do their jobs and are very happy employees!

In the fall of 2008, I was permanetely laid off from my job of 14 years.  That is when I decided to devote all my time, money and energy to everything dog!  Since I had been baking Organic Dog biscuits for my Jacks for quite sometime, I turned my baking into a business and established Three Jacks Dog Bakery, LLC.  I have an online store and also sell at dog events that I attend with my own dogs.  I am completely devoted to the health and well being of my dogs, I have researched canine nutrition, and I’m very proud to be able to offer healthy, tasty, and nutritious treats to dogs everywhere.

In the beginings of the bakery, I set up a little table at dog agility events hosted by my club.  My friends and fellow agility competitors eagerly bought my Organic biscuits for their dogs.  With encouragement from friends and their dogs, I decided to expand my product line and introduced other natural and organic products for dogs.  In May of 2009 I opened my online store.

A little about me – I love dogs and most everything I do involves dogs.  When I first got Beanie and Maddie we played around with Terrier Trials – racing, go to ground, etc.  Then I became interested in dog agility about 6 years ago.  That’s when Petey joined the family!  Both Maddie and Petey have been training and trialing in dog agility with me for about 5 years now.  I am addicted to dog agility!

In addition to my interests in Jack Russells and dog agility, I began working with a rescue Border Collie that is owned by my friend and agility trainer, named Mace.  Mace and I have taken herding lessons and also train and trial in agility together. Border Collies are amazing dogs and working with Mace has taught me so much.  There is a big difference between running small dogs in agility and big dogs (especially fast Border Collies).

Maddie is nearing the end of her agility career, and Petey, well he'd rather hunt.  So I plan to add a Border Collie to our family in the summer of 2011.